GEMIS is a 3-year project cofounded by the Europe for Citizens Programme and it involves eight partners from seven countries. The project focuses on increasing WOMEN'S PARTICIPATION in the society and reduce GENDER DISCRIMINATION promoting concrete actions carried out locally, in the public administration. GEMIS stems from the desire of creating a network of cities that can help strengthen citizens’ sense of belonging to the EU by promoting the common democratic culture based on equality, universal rights and gender inclusion. Gender equality is the essential condition for achieving an inclusive community which responds to the needs of all citizens, regardless of their gender. In the countries and Municipalities to which the partners belong, there is a shared need of leading all decision makers’ to make meaningful commitments to change women’s lives for the better. There is a need of raising awareness among citizens, women, associations and young generations on necessary steps to build a more democratic and inclusive European society and a need for long-term strategies, based on European best practices and experiences, to increase women’s participation and reduce gender inequalities in society.









Project Outcomes

Discover the Guidelines for a gender-sensitive communication and the Handbook of Gender Mainstreaming - Strategies and Practices developed in the framework of GEMIS

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