Vienne, a city of 30 000 inhabitants is located 30 km south of Lyon. It has a good geographical location offering an exceptional environment and a rare diversity of landscapes. Vienne is unique first of all because of its history of 2 500 years, during which it has shone throughout the Mediterranean world. From the Neolithic period, when the first human settlements were found, to our contemporary era, via Antiquity, when Vienne, capital of the Allobroges, became a powerful Roman colony, and the Middle Ages when, as a major commercial and religious crossroads, it gave a Pope to Christianity. Vienne relies on the dynamism of its economic and commercial environment. The city has 700 shops, including 500 in the city center, a real open-air shopping mall. Every Saturday there is a large open-air market, the second largest in France, it attracts up to 20 000 visitors. A gastronomic city: in Vienne you will find more than 100 restaurants. One of them is “La Pyramide” by the chef Patrick Henriroux. The restaurant has two stars in the Michelin Guide, a symbol of the gastronomic know-how of the area, which is also home to winemakers who produce some of the best wines in the world. Vienne also has a rich cultural life, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy a variety of quality events throughout the year. Among these is the Jazz à Vienne festival, the fifth largest in France with over 215 000 festival visitors each year.
The subject addressed by the GEMIS project is completely in line with the priorities of the municipality of Vienne. The Local Plan for Integration and Employment take the equality into account in a transversal way and is integrated into all programming: social cohesion, living environment and economic development/employment, youth, the fight against discrimination. According the law of 4 August 2014 on real equality between women and men, the Municipality of Vienne submits an annual report on equality between women and men. From 2020, local authorities are required to draw up a multi-year plan to ensure equality between women and men.

Elena Eychenne, Head of the international relations department

Some info about Vienne

FRANCE National Level
Population 67.9 millions ( 51,5% of women)
% of women in National Parliament 38.82 %
% of women ministers 50%
Local Level VIENNE
Population 29 306 inhabitants,
13 978 (47,70%) men, 15 328 (52,30%) women
Activity rate by gender of the population aged 15-64 74,2% men 78,9%, 69,7% women
Unemployment rate by gender of 15-64 year old 49.1 of women
FRANCE Local Level
% of women in regional governance 47.8%
% of women in local governance (Municipality) 48.14%
% of women managers (in local public administration) – in Viennes 62%
More about the Participation of women in local governance The City of Vienne is carrying out a series of targeted actions in the area of gender equality in its human resources policies, while guaranteeing equal treatment in terms of pay, recruitment, access to training and career development. The reflection on income levels may seem theoretical in the civil service where, for the same grade and step, one receives the same salary. However, it is a fact that the majority of positions with responsibilities, and therefore higher bonus levels for the same grade, are occupied by men.
Actions and strategies adopted to promote equality and increase the presence of women in local governance The City of Vienne has started in 2020 a cycle of awareness-raising actions on the theme of equality between women and men.