Gender Studies, p.b.c. is a non-governmental non-profit organization. It is an information, education and consulting center on gender equality and the position of men and women in the society. Gender Studies runs a library covering variety of publications and materials related to feminism, gender studies, women's and men's rights etc. We also offer free legal counseling service for victims of discrimination based on gender and/or age, with focus on workplace and specific life situations such as maternity leave etc.
Gender Studies is:
- conducting gender equality audits in companies and public institutions
- training employers on how to create an inclusive workplace for everyone
- encouraging kids and youngsters to choose profession regardless of their gender and generally accepted gender roles
- training teachers how to integrate gender issues to their lessons
- running website
- issuing online newsletter Equal Opportunities in the Context (
- members of The Governmental Council for Gender Equality, Czech Republic

Klara Cmolikova Cozlova