The City of Esslingen am Neckar is located in the south of Germany, close to the state capital Stuttgart, and has approximately 94,000 inhabitants. It combines tradition with modernity and is a city of contrasts, as medieval half-timbered houses and innovative architecture meet in harmony here. A varied cultural programme and numerous sights make the city attractive for tourists. This diversity is reflected in its citizens, who include some 145 nationalities. Esslingen sees itself as an international city that has its place in the heart of Europe. With eleven Twin Towns worldwide, it has been contributing to peaceful coexistence beyond Europe's borders since the 1950s. Since 1991, Esslingen am Neckar has pursued an offensive gender agenda with the Equal Opportunities Department. Looking at internal structures, working with a wide variety of thematic working groups, project work and intensive public relations work are among the focal points of the department. Since 2012, this has also included international projects.

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