Piotrków Trybunalski, located in the centre of Poland, has about 74,000 inhabitants. The main mission of the City Hall is to perform public tasks of local importance, resulting from the universally binding provisions of law, comprehensive development of the city and the satisfaction of its inhabitants. International cooperation with 12 sister cities is one of the most important elements. These activities focus mainly on the areas of youth, mobility, culture and sport, partnership between schools, youth exchange and meetings, cooperation of sports clubs and associations, meetings of residents.

POLAND National Level
Population 38.265.000
% of women in National Parliament 28,32% (130/459)
% of women ministers 4,76% (1/21)
POLAND Local Level
% of women in regional governance 45,45% (15/33)
% of women in local governance (Municipality) 34,78% (8/23)
% of women managers (in local public administration 50,00% (19/38)
More about the Participation of women in local governance In the last local government elections (2018), 46% were female candidates (80/173).
Actions and strategies adopted to promote equality and increase the presence of women in local governance The work regulations of the Municipal Office contain provisions on equal treatment based on sex.