The project specifically wants to broaden awareness on the need of a Gender Responsive Governance in which governance processes are understood through a gendered framework, and on how decision makers and local policies can foster gender equity.

The project is in line with the general objective of the program "to foster European citizenship and to improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at Union level" as well as the specific objective of encouraging democratic and civic participation of citizens at Union level as the purpose is to create a network of cities and associations working together to promote gender equality and stimulate citizens, legislators and decision makers to be more gender-sensitive, in a long term prospective.
The project will be accessible to all citizens without any form of discrimination but by promoting the inclusion and representation of all, with a special focus on gender rapresentation. The transnationality and local dimension will be ensured by the 5 transnational events, the partecipation of partners from 7 countries and by the dissemination at local, national and european level of the best practices obteined at the end of the project resulting from the close collaboration of municipalities and the centre for gender studies.

Two outputs


A HANDBOOK with actions to be adopted in the different countries for a more gender responsive governance and for increasing the participation of women's in decision making positions.

GUIDELINES for a proper gender inclusive language and communication that does not perpetuate gender stereotypes.