Piotrków Trybunalski


Participation: the event involved 71 citizens from Piotrków Trybunalski and neighboring cities

The event aimed at raising awareness among participants about the necessary changes in attitudes, behaviours and beliefs about gender and their social responsibility on promoting gender equality.

Two experts have been involved in the activity Mrs Dr. Edyta Weigel who presented an overview of facts, figures and areas of monitoring gender equality in key areas of social life and Mrs Agnieszka Frączek, who presented an overview of psychological and cultural mechanisms shaping attitudes, stereotypes and gender expectations. During the event the project results have been presented by the project partner hosting the event, together with the EU law and programmes to end gender inequalities and their application.



Participation: the event involved 96 citizens from Norrköping and neighboring cities

During the event, GEMIS project has been presented by the Municipality of Norrköping with the aim of raising awareness  among the participants about the importance of achieving gender equality and presenting the existing regulatory framework at European, national and local level to support strategies and actions aimed at promoting gender equality.

Micael Nilsson has been invited as expert during the event, due to his experience working with gender equality and gender equality integration.



Participation: the event involved 48 citizens from Prague and other cities from Czech Republic

 The conference was attended by public administration officers and local politicians from the whole Czech Republic. The main goal of the event was to bring the stakeholders together and exchange different perspective about gender equality and introduce them to the GEMIS project itself and its outputs (Handbook on Gender Mainstreaming and Guidelines on gender sensitive communication). The conference was organized by Gender Studies in cooperation with the Czech Ministry of Interior, the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, and with the Institute for Public Administration Prague. In the final part of the conference, there took place a mutual discussion among public administration stakeholders, who shared their ideas for future work in the field of promoting gender equality in public administration.

Santo Tirso


Participation: the event involved 57 citizens from Santo Tirso and neighboring cities

The local event held in Santo Tirso was aimed at raising the debate on the topic of gender inequalities in our society and presenting the European, national and local regulatory framework aimed at combating inequalities.

The project partner from the Municipality of Santo Tirso focused on the deliverables and the key elements that emerged during the project implementation phases. In the final part of the event, the sociologist, Cristina Parente, associate professor of the University of Porto moderated a round table with the stakeholders present on the issue of equality.



An additional event, not included among the events initially foreseen in the project, has been organised by the Municipality of Vienne

Participation:  the event involved 22 citizens from the city of Vienne

The aim of the seminar was to inform and raise the awareness of the elected representatives of Vienne and Vienne-Condrieu agglomeration on the issue of gender equality through the presentation of the GEMIS project, discussing the gender equality from the point of view of economic integration / employment / training and presenting the role and actions of the departmental delegation for women’s rights and equality of the Isère prefecture.

Kick -off meeting

30/03/2021 - 31/03/2021

Location: The event took place online – virtually hosted by the Municipality of Vienne due to the Covid 19 pandemic

Participation: The event involved 37 citizens, including 11 participants from the City of Vienne (France), 4 participants from the city of Norrköping (Sweden), 7 participants from the City of Parma and SERN (Italy), 3 participant from the City of Esslingen (Germany), 4 participant from the Municipality of Piotrków Trybunalski (Poland), 4 participants from Gender Studies (Czech Republic), 4 participants from the Municipality of Santo Tirso (Portugal).

 The aim of the event was to let the partners know, to define the project implementation phase in order to achieve the project objectives, to divide tasks among partners (dissemination, monitoring, evaluation), the work plan in local and transnational events and present the city of Vienne and its good practices on the topic of promoting gender equality.

Coordination Meeting - Santo Tirso

18/10/2022 - 19/10/2022

Location: Santo Tirso

Participation: the event involved 45 citizens:  3 participants from Gender Studies

(Czech Republic),31 from the Municipality of Santo Tirso (Portugal),2 participants from the Municipality of Piotrków Trybunalski (Poland), 1 participants from Vienne (France) 4 participants from the Municipality of Parma and SERN (Italy) and 2 participants from the Municipality of Norrköping (Sweden) and 2 participants from Esslingen (Germany). 

Location: Municipality of Santo Tirso

During the coordination meeting, the project group met to discuss the development of the HANDBOOK on gender mainstreaming at the local level and GUIDELINES and the planning of local dissemination event. The Municipality of Santo Tirso presented its good practices in promoting Equality at local and regional level, (Presentation of Plane For Equality and not Discriminations of Santo Tirso, Presentation of work of Commission for Citizenship for Equality of Gender).